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Step into the world of Sudoku X with PuzzleLogix’s latest collection, where classic Sudoku meets an exciting twist! Sudoku X adds an extra layer of challenge with two additional diagonal constraints, making each puzzle an intriguing brain teaser. Perfect for both seasoned solvers and newcomers, this volume offers a fresh take on the beloved puzzle format.

Key Features:

  • 200 Sudoku X Puzzles: Explore a variety of carefully crafted puzzles that incorporate diagonal rules for a unique solving experience.
  • Diagonal Challenges: Each puzzle includes the classic Sudoku rules plus the added twist of ensuring numbers 1 through 9 appear only once on each diagonal.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Begin with straightforward puzzles and progress to more complex challenges as you sharpen your skills.
  • Large Print Format: Puzzles are presented in large, easy-to-read print, ideal for all ages and visual preferences.
  • Premium Quality Paper: Enjoy writing and erasing with ease, thanks to high-quality, durable paper that withstands multiple uses.
  • Solutions Included: Full solutions are provided at the back of the book for every puzzle, allowing you to check your answers or get a hint when needed.

Why Sudoku X from PuzzleLogix? Our Sudoku X puzzles are designed not only to challenge but also to entertain and engage. They are perfect for stimulating the mind, improving logical thinking, and providing hours of fun.

Ideal for Various Occasions:

  • Mental workout sessions
  • Relaxing pastime activities
  • Family gatherings
  • Educational purposes in classrooms
  • Travel and holiday leisure

A Thoughtful Gift: Sudoku X puzzles appeal to anyone looking for a mental challenge or a new hobby. Gift this book to puzzle lovers, friends, family, or teachers to introduce them to the exciting world of diagonal Sudoku.

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