Cancellation Policy



You may cancel your order at any time given your order is currently on a “HOLD” status. To cancel your order, please contact us and provide your name and order number and you will then receive a confirmation email stating the your order has not been charged and has been cancelled.

If an order is no longer on hold and moves to a “PROCESSING” status then we are no longer able to cancel your order. However, you may still contact us and we will try our best to attempt a cancellation with our facilities or partner warehouses, although keep in mind that this will not guarantee a cancellation.

Return to Shipper


An order may be returned without penalty if you no longer wish to receive the item or have a change of mind (buyer’s remorse) by simply refusing shipment at time of delivery. Simply tell the carrier that you wish to “Return to Shipper” and a refund will be provided once the item is received at our facility or partner warehouses.


For more information on returns, please see our Return Policy page.