Cancellation Policy


At Citywide Shop, we understand that plans can change. To ensure you have peace of mind when shopping with us, we’ve refined our cancellation and return policy to be clear, transparent, and user-friendly.

Our Cancellation Rights:

There are moments when we might need to cancel your order, and we appreciate your understanding. Reasons could be inventory shortages, address discrepancies, technical issues, among others. Should this happen, you’ll get a confirmation email detailing the reasons, reassuring you that no charges have been made.

Your Cancellation Rights:

When you place an order, it first goes into a “HOLD” status. This means we’ve authorized the payment but haven’t charged you yet. This “HOLD” period is brief, allowing us to prepare your order.

If your order is in this “HOLD” status, you can easily cancel. Just provide us your name and order number, and we’ll confirm the cancellation, assuring you that no charges have been incurred.

If the order moves from “HOLD” to “PROCESSING“, it indicates we’re actively getting your order ready. While it becomes challenging to cancel at this stage, it’s not impossible. Reach out, and we’ll attempt to coordinate with our facilities or suppliers, although we cannot guarantee a cancellation.

Once an order has an associated tracking number or marked as shipped, cancellations are, unfortunately, not an option. However, should you need to return such orders, our comprehensive return process is available to guide you. Please be aware that certain returns, especially those stemming from buyer’s remorse, might incur a restocking fee.

Return to Shipper Option:

Changed your mind? No worries! If you decide not to receive an item, simply inform the carrier upon delivery that you wish to “Return to Shipper.” As soon as we get the item back at our facility or partner warehouses, you’ll receive a refund.


We aim to provide a smooth and convenient shopping experience at Citywide Shop. Should you have any questions or concerns about our policies or products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist and ensure you’re always satisfied with your purchases.

For more information on returns, please see our Return Policy page.