LIFX 40″ Color Zones Lightstrip


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This 3.3′ multicolor light strip is the first and simplest of a series of LIFX Z light strip kits that are easy to apply to all sorts of situations. 40″ is the perfect length for easy, straight application to the back of most large TV’s (46″ and above) so no folding of the strip is required. Or why not give a glow to that artwork, desk, or cabinet? Unique ability to emit multiple colors at once through addressable zones, and have those colors move along the strip. Can be cut to length, and added to with LIFX lightstrip extension 1m.

Product Features:

  • 3.3′ smart light strip kit: perfect width for horizontal TV backlight
  • Rich color combinations, and tunable white for bias lighting, protecting your eyes
  • Polychrome technology: eight addressable zones that can animate with LIFX exclusive effects library
  • Control: voice, scheduling, scenes, effects (eg move), integrations and fade tools like Apple’s adaptive lighting, Alexa light alarms or Google sleep/wake
  • Control from anywhere. No bridge or hub required. (use 2.4GHz)
  • Includes one 40″ light strip

(Model LZ3TV1MUS)

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