ZVOX AccuVoice AV355 Low-Profile Soundbar



Low profile and ultra-lightweight, the small sound bar can fit virtually anywhere. The speaker bar takes up less space and is effortlessly moveable, making it an ideal TV speakers sound bar. This sound bar for TV uses proprietary digital algorithms that separate the voices from the rest of the soundtrack. Voices simply “jump out” of the soundtrack so you can hear them clearly. The sound bar seamlessly connects to your TV with just one wire for ultra-fast, super easy, and supremely convenient installation. Rest easy knowing all accessories needed for the setup of this TV soundbar are included. It’s so easy to use that it has a single-sheet owner’s manual. Great for all users, but especially the elderly or those with hearing impairments, the TV sound bars feature a patented AccuVoice hearing aid technology with six levels of voice boost that effectively separates the voices from the background noise to make them clear and easy to understand. An additional six stages of ZVOX’s SuperVoice technology that takes dialogue clarity to another level by dramatically reducing non-vocal background sounds are also included. Say hello to the ultimate sound system for TV. Featuring three high-performance speakers with neodymium magnets, upgrade your TV speaker with unmatched sound quality. With unique and advanced virtual subwoofer technology for great bass, you’re sure to love the TV sound system. The Output Leveling (OL) feature is a sophisticated processor that automatically makes soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer, so there are fewer jarring moments when switching channels or when commercials come on. This system also helps by boosting the audio levels from a DVD or Blu-Ray player that are not loud enough. Plus, a brand-new remote control is included that uses large buttons with easy-to-read labels.

Product Features:

  • Slim soundbar for TV
  • Seamlessly connects to your TV with just one wire
  • Separates the voices from the background noise
  • Features three high-performance speakers with neodymium magnets
  • Output Leveling (OL) processor
  • Includes soundbar, remote control with AAA batteries, power cord, 3 connecting cables (optical digital; analog 3.5mm; RCA analog to 3.5mm), warranty card, users manual


Number of Speakers 3
Number of Inputs 2
Number of Outputs 1
Headphone Jack(s) Yes
Remote Control Yes
Material(s) Composite
Warranty 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor
Includes Soundbar, Remote Control with AAA batteries, Power Cord, 3 Connecting Cables (Optical Digital; Analog 3.5mm; RCA Analog to 3.5mm), Warranty Card, Users Manual
Item Dimensions 24”L x 3.25”W x 2.2”H
Item Weight 4 lbs.
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