WiZ Full Color and Tunable White BR30 65W Equivalent LED Smart Bulbs, 2 pk.


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The WiZ LED BR30 Full-color Smart Bulb brings smart lighting to your daily living. Ideal for floodlighting. Wiz allows you to customize your light to your activities and moods by creating the ambiance of your choice with 16 million colors as well as warm to cool white light. You can set schedules to turn lights on and off according to your daily or weekly routines, control them with your smartphone or your voice, and have remote access to your lights even when you’re away. WiZ lights connect to your existing Wi-Fi, no additional hardware is needed. Use anywhere you would use a floodlight. Perfect for recessed cans and downlights. Light output is 750 lumens equivalent to a 65W incandescent bulb. Bulb lasts 25, 000 hours and uses 11.5W of energy. Use your voice or the WiZ app to control your lights. Voice control works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

Product Features:

  • Easy Setup: WiZ Full Color BR30 Smart Bulbs work with your existing Wi-Fi router, no additional gateway is needed. Simply plug in your new light, download the WiZ app and you’re ready to go
  • Smart Control: control from anywhere with the WiZ app or go hands-free with voice control
  • Smart Features: schedule your lights to turn on or off to fit your routine or set vacation mode to automate your lights even when you are away from home to mimic presence
  • Light Modes: WiZ brings total flexibility with adjustable whites and colors. Select from the preset light modes or pick a custom color to create the perfect atmosphere. WiZ’s unique dynamic, full-color light modes such as fireplace and ocean create an immersive ambiance for your different moments
  • Improve Wellbeing: use the preset rhythm features in the WiZ app to enjoy the lighting pattern best suited for your circadian rhythm through the day. WiZ will provide you bright daylight when you need to get energized and focus, and transition smoothly to soft warm white to help you relax and sleep better
  • Includes two WiZ BR30 bulbs

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