Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe with Electronic Lock


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Wasatch 24 Gun Safe: Ultimate Protection for Your Firearms

Step into the world of elite security with the Wasatch 24 Gun Safe. Crafted meticulously with the modern gun owner in mind, it offers an unbeatable combination of safety features, durability, and design finesse. Not only does it provide world-class protection against fire and water, but its ergonomic design and cutting-edge features make it a worthy addition to any home. Experience the unmatched value and trust that Wasatch brings to the table.

Unparalleled Fire and Water Resistance:

  • Exemplary Fire Protection: With a robust fire resistance of 1400° for a whopping 75 minutes, this safe offers one of the best fire protections in the market.
  • Waterproof Excellence: Whether it’s a flood or a leak, remain stress-free with the safe’s capability to stay waterproof in 2 feet of water for a straight 72 hours.

State-of-the-Art Security Features:

  • Digital Peace of Mind: The advanced programmable electronic lock ensures utmost security. With the added Alarm-U function, be alerted instantly against tampering.
  • Always Accessible: The inclusion of two backup keys means you’re never locked out, providing an added layer of convenience.

Sturdy and Elegant Design:

  • Fortified Structure: The safe boasts three 1.5″ live-action bolts and two fixed ones, ensuring burglars think twice.
  • Pristine Interiors: Revel in the plush carpeted interiors, ensuring your firearms remain scratch-free. Customizable shelving offers flexibility for storing various gun sizes and other valuables.
  • Organize with Ease: The door storage panel, equipped with sewn-in pistol holsters and multi-utility storage pouches, ensures every inch is utilized efficiently.

Additional Perks:

  • Full Access: External door hinges promise a wide 180° access, ensuring every corner of the safe is easily reachable.
  • Installation Made Simple: Each Wasatch 24 Gun Safe package comes with a mounting hardware kit, a 9V battery, and a clear instructions manual for a hassle-free setup.
  • A Lifetime of Trust: Our faith in the product is unwavering. That’s why we back it up with a lifetime warranty.
  • Absolute Immobility: Thanks to the heavy-duty bolt-down kit, potential thieves will find it impossible to make away with your safe.

When you invest in the Wasatch 24 Gun Safe, you aren’t just buying a storage solution; you’re investing in peace of mind. With Wasatch, your firearms and valuables aren’t just stored; they’re truly protected.

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