Timber Valley 2-Pc. Dual-Purpose Cedar Garden Planter and Storage Box

Timber Valley


The Timber Valley Cedar Box functions as both a planter box and a storage box. Made of 100% wood and finished with natural wood color, the cedar box is a perfect addition to either your indoor countertop, desktop, and window sill or your outdoor garden and patio. As a planter box, it can be used for any small plants, like succulents, herbs, cacti, and small flowers and as a storage box, it can hold garden tools, wine bottles, magazines, toilet paper, remote controls, laundry stuff, and more. The tenon and groove structure design ensures a strong and sturdy structure. Available for DIY painting. The cedar planter and storage box will enrich your life by making it more organized and efficient.

Product Features:

  • Set of two
  • Dual purpose: either planter or storage box
  • Made from naturally rot- and insect-resistant Cedar wood and no chemicals
  • 0.5″ thick panels, as well as tenon and groove design to guarantee the firm structure
  • Raised bottom structure with two slat support to guarantee better air circulation and surplus water discharge
  • Perfect for planting succulents, herbs, cacti and other small plants and flowers
  • Can be used as garden tool box, countertop and window sill storage box, or any place for storage
  • Perfect display either with nature wood color or with any color you paint
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes set of two dual purpose Cedar wood boxes

(Model MA510)

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