Body Glove EZ-8’2″ Inflatable Longboard Surfboard

Body Glove

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Note: Picture shown includes ONE board only. Board shown is top, bottom, and side view.


The Body Glove EZ 8’2″ inflatable longboard allows you to travel and surf anywhere without flying with a bulky board. The durable double-layered, drop-stitch and high-pressure 20 PSI construction creates a stiff, fast, and fun performing board for any skill level. The 2.75-inch thickness and narrow pintail design allows for better edging, carving, and maneuvering on the wave. The EZ inflatable surfboard is more buoyant than a traditional hardboard, which allows you to paddle faster on top of the water and enables you to catch more waves with ease. Whether you’re flying to your next beach break or cruising down the street to your home wave, the EZ 8’2″ IBoard will provide endless and hassle-free fun to any surfer.

  • Inflatable surfboard (IBoard)
  • Easy to ride profile
  • Wax-free design with traction pad
  • Double-layer ridge construction
  • Triple dura-fin design
  • Durable damage-resistant construction
  • 8’2″ long, 24″ wide, 2.75″ thickness
  • Includes dual-action high-pressure pump and gauge, backpack carrying and storage bag, 8-foot coil ankle leash, and repair kit


  • Dual Layer construction on top and bottom for added stiffness
  • Triple unbreakable Dura-fin design
  • Dual Layer Rail for ridged like rail
  • Soft surface deck and kick pad for traction and comfort
  • Pintail design



  • EZ 8’2″ Inflatable Longboard Surfboard
  • Leash
  • High-Pressure Pump
  • 1 Repair Kit
  • Carrying Backpack
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