Samsung 32″ Class 4K UHD Curved Monitor – White


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The Samsung U32R59 is a 4K UHD monitor that delivers an immersive viewing experience with its 1500R curved screen. With a billion colors and a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the U32R59 produces realistic and accurate colors. The monitor is also sleek and stylish, with a fabric-textured rear casing and a three-sided bezeless screen. Its curved display reduces eye fatigue, while Game Mode and Picture-by-Picture allow you to connect two different devices to the monitor and view input from both simultaneously.


Product features
A billion colors
Supporting a billion hues and a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the U32R59 produces a wider range of colors and deeper, darker blacks. So whether you are gaming, watching videos, or working with graphics applications, you can be sure of more accurate and truer-to-life colors.
Sleek and stylish
With curved contours and corners, a fabric-textured rear casing, and a three-sided bezeless screen, the U32R59 measures just 6.9 mm at its slimmest. And supported on a slender yet sturdy V-slim metal stand that also encases cables, the monitor brings an understated style to any setting.
Curved for comfort
The U32R59‘s curved display means that your eyes maintain a constant focus distance from the screen. This reduces the constant focus shifts your eyes make when viewing a flat screen, resulting in less eye fatigue and more comfortable viewing over extended periods.
Game Mode
Game Mode instantly optimizes image contrast in game scenes to give you a competitive edge during gameplay. By selectively adjusting contrast in different areas of the screen, Game Mode reveals details in darker areas of scenes and lets you spot enemies faster.
Picture-by-Picture (PBP) lets you connect two different devices to the monitor and view input from both simultaneously at their native resolution side-by-side on the screen. Along with PBP, Easy Setting Box makes it easy to display multiple windows of various sizes in different positions.
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