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The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Tabletop Charcoal Grill takes the best parts of a heavy-duty charcoal grill and reworks them for maximum portability. The height-adjustable charcoal tray and large dampers give you the full control of your temperature, while thick cast-iron grates deliver sizzling sears. This charcoal grill also features a full-size removable ashpan for a quick and easy clean-up.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Thick cast-iron grates
  • Height-adjustable charcoal tray
  • Large air dampers for accurate airflow control
  • Rubber handle grip is easy to grab and stays cool to the touch
  • Temperature gauge with glow-in-the-dark accents
  • Includes charcoal grill
  • Warranty: 2 Year Grates, Lid, Firebox


Grill Type Portable Grills
Fuel Type Charcoal
Number of Burners N/A
Color Black
Delivery Type Curbside Delivery
Adjustable Temperature Control Yes, Dampers
Adjustable-Height Grate Yes
Grate Material Cast Iron
Grill Stand Material Steel
Lid Material Steel
Cooking Surface Size 218 sq. in.
Removable Ash Catcher Yes
Temperature Gauge Yes
Temperature Control Yes, Dampers
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Wheeled No
Assembly Required Yes
Warranty 2 Year Grates, Lid, Firebox
Includes Tabletop Charcoal Grill
Item Dimensions 20″ x 27″ x 22″
Item Weight 49 lbs.
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  1. Grillin guy

    I am really impressed with how well made this grill is. The steel is heavy duty. The assembly was fairly straight forward & everything felt tight and fit together well. The Rambler is quite portable but still large enough to cook for the whole family. The adjustable charcoal tray is really nice since a lot of portable grills lack this much needed feature. Really happy with this grill. We will definitely be taking it along on our camping trips.

    Grillin guy

  2. patyworm

    This is a heavy, well made grill. I love the handles on the side to be able to move where you need it. I also love the gauge that lets you know if your fire is to hot or cold. It really helps. i also love the fact that the handle stays cool, and the ash pan makes for easy clean up. This is the perfect size for family picnics and camping. Easy to transfer from one place to another and easy to clean. It will definitely be going on my next camping trip with us.


  3. Steve5150

    I finally got to test out my new Oklahoma Joe Rambler today. I have ti say this grill is a beast for it’s size. It is extremely well made! Made to last a lifetime. It’s small enough to fit on the deck without taking up much room, but big enough to get the job of feeding a family done. My favorite part if it is that it adjustable at the charcoal area so if your heat is to hot or to low you can quickly fix the problem. I love to grill and I can see this grill being used quite often. Five stars from me and my family!


  4. TC22

    This tabletop BBQ is perfect. I have used it multiple times tailgating and it is a quality grill. Easy to take apart and clean (for a BBQ) and produces great flavors. I have had any flair ups and don’t typically get hot spots on the grill. Big fan of Oklahoma Joes after purchasing this product.


  5. Wilkesncguy

    One of the best grills i have soon made of heavy duty material seems to be built to last a life time cast iron cooking grates lots if great features easy to setup and instill


  6. JohnTheStutterer

    Oklahoma Joe’s really live up to the hype. For a light weight, portable grill option, this is a great option, especially for the price point. Great for small spaces as well. This is my second Oklahoma Joe’s grill and they have yet to disappoint. Hold heat great, maintains a steady temperature. Strongly recommend.


  7. YellowZ06

    Very Impressive, the quality of this grill is amazing. Very convenient and the perfect size for grilling or quickly smoking your BBQ for a few people. I love the fact that it’s compact and does not take much space. We ended up taking it to the park as well as it’s easy to take with you when you travel. Honestly nothing else comes close in quality to how well the Rambler is built!



  8. Znwaters1

    I love that this grill can be taken just about anywhere to have a cookout! I can easily put it in the back of my truck and drive to a park and have a cookout with my family! It was easy to “assemble” and looks nice once all set up. It looks to be a sturdy portable grill. I like that it is a charcoal grill. It makes it easy to take it places and not have to worry about having to get a tank of propane. It cooks effectively creating a delicious meal!


  9. rjvdaddy

    OK, I’ve had this for almost a month and I have cooked on it over a dozen times. I’ve grilled some of the most amazing steaks of my life. I have a natural gas grill and it just doesn’t compare to charcoal. I can’t wait to take this to a tailgate party or on a family picnic. All this awesomeness comes at a price…it’s weighs 48 pounds but it’s totally worth it for something so well made.


  10. Jsotam76

    I had wanted to upgrade my grill experience for quite sometime. From the standard charcoal only round option to a more efficient cast iron that also included smoking capabilities.

    The Oklahoma Joe Rambler checked all of my boxes. While it is compact the cooking surface area is perfectly large. Having a smoking portion on the temperature gage is an added bonus I didn’t even know I needed until put to use.

    You will need to assemble this big guy…I’d allot twenty minutes or so. Took me closer to 45 BUT mine had a factory defect in the lining up of the hinges that caused me some issues. Nothing I couldn’t work around tho. It is a very solid well made grill. The weld lines are pure perfection. It also comes with a lifting handle and that’s definitely a bonus.

    So far I’ve used this every weekend…twice each weekend. I’ve smoked burgers and even ribs already with the same consistent excellent results.


  11. hammer01

    I am really happy with this tabletop grill. First of all it was super easy to assemble. I am really impressed with the size. Even though it is a table top and portable it is the perfect size for a family. It’s a huge step up from portable grills I have used in the past. It is durable and will last, I am proud to have one like this. It is made for easy clean up with an ash pan. I know my family will use it for years to come at home and on trips. i highly recommend it.


  12. billbean43

    I bought this to give extra flavor to my grilling, it does not disappoint. I made my jerk chicken on it the other day and it came out so flavorful and tender. I love this grill, it is amazingly awesome!


  13. tlarsen81

    Upon receiving this tabletop grill I found it was pretty simple to put together. Once together I really liked that the instruction manual told me how to season the cast iron grates.
    This tabletop grill is perfect for camping, tailgating, or just to use at home. It comes in about roughly 18 inches tall and approximately 45lbs, so it’s nice and easy to move around.
    One feature I really like is the removable ash pan, which makes it so much easier to clean instead of scooping out old ashes!


  14. Strickland

    The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Tabletop Charcoal Grill offers portability. Heavy-duty steel with thick cast iron grates. Has very good air flow. Temperature gauge glows in the dark which makes it great for using at night. It has handles for easy transporting. I have a family of 7 and we really enjoy using this on camping trips. It’s large enough to cook for us all. Really love this grill it’s way better and heavier than past portable grills I’ve owned. I highly recommend this grill you won’t be disappointed.


  15. Baptistbl1982

    I have had my Rambler grill for a week and I am loving it. I love the design and the style of this table top grill. I am really pleased with how much food actually fits on the grates of the grill . The cast iron is great it cooks nicely and even. The handles on the grill are made very well and they are very easy to grip and hold onto. I am very happy there is a temperature gauge that really comes in handy. This grill is very easy to clean which is really nice. It fits perfectly on my outside table we gather around as a family and enjoy tasty food . It’s heavy duty and I really think it will last many years. I can’t wait to load it up and take it camping .


  16. SENatx

    This product is awesome for anyone interested in cooking outdoors or having company over. Small and transportable, now you can make your grilled meals wherever you want. Excellent for a tailgate.


  17. mlaushman

    The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler is on the smaller size but it’s mighty when it comes to cooking. The table top feature is great for tailgating or camping. I have used it a few times since receiving it and I was able to fit a good amount of food on it to feed my family of four. I was able to fit four good size Ribeyes on it with ease additionally I could fit six 1/4 lb hamburgers and five hot dogs without it being over crowded. It holds heat well, but is also super easy to control the temperature for items that may need longer cooking time. The steaks were delicious, some of the best I’ve ever had. I think what I like most is taking the Rambler anywhere I want will never be an issue because of it’s size. The quality of the Rambler is one of the best I’ve seen for it’s size. It’s heavy duty and it’ll last year’s to come.


  18. jamesbb2

    Yes, it looks amazing, but this thing is well made! Assembly took probably 30 minutes, but it was straightforward. I can’t wait until my next camping trip!

    If there was a downside, it is a little on the heavy side and is a little awkward for one person.


  19. Maxbet

    I decided to make burgers on my new Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Table top Grill. The grill itself was easy to put together and only took me about 20 minutes to assemble. It is lightweight and was easy for me to carry outside. It has so many great features. My favorite is the height-adjustable charcoal tray. I like how I can choose how high or low the charcoal is to my food. I was able to use a minimal amount of charcoal for what I was grilling. The thick cast iron grates are large enough for me to cook plenty of food for my family of five with room to spare. This table top grill is made of a durable well constructed metal that holds heat very well. You are able to adjust the heat by opening and closing either damper on the top as well as the side of the grill. Another great feature of the Rambler is the removable ash pan that makes cleaning up your used charcoal a breeze. I was able to see when my food was ready to put on the grill by looking at the temperature on the glow in the dark gauge. I also like the large rubber lid handle that is easy to grasp and is cool to the touch, making it easy for me to lift the lid every time. Weather you are smoking, barbecuing or grilling I recommend Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Table Top Grill.


  20. ceeceecouponer

    Our family is so happy with the Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Tabletop Charcoal Grill. Very simple to assemble. This grill is built to last with heavy steel and cast iron grates. The grates do need to be seasoned as with any cast iron. The grill is perfect size for tailgating and camping. Cooks at an even temperature and has a removable tray making clean up easy. I highly recommend this tabletop grill.