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With the Member’s Mark Gas & Kamado Combo Grill, you can easily cook a variety of delicious meats, veggies and fish with this versatile and powerful hybrid grill. It offers four different grilling surfaces in one device. This is the modern grilling solution you need.


What are the Specifics of this Member’s Mark Gas & Kamado Combo Grill?


This Member’s Mark grill is gas-powered and provides more than 931 square inches of total cooking surface. It’s constructed using 304-gauge stainless steel and offers a variety of grilling devices in one:

  • A standard grill: this primary grill has four separate burners and generates up to 48,000 BTUs on its 556 square inch cooking surface.
  • A Kamado grill: this round ceramic grill is inspired by traditional Japanese grills. It offers 209 square inches of cooking space and has a heavy-duty vented lid for better temperature control.
  • A rotisserie: perfect for larger cuts of meat, this motorized grill slowly turns meats over a gas burner and and delivers juicy, tender meat.
  • A searing side burner: At 166 square inches with 15,000 BTUs of heat, this infrared burner is ideal for melt-in-your-mouth steaks and chops.

Who Needs a Kamado Gas Grill Combo?

Anyone who wants to take their backyard grilling to the next level. This Kamado grill combo is a Sam’s Club® exclusive, made with the highest-quality materials and available only to our members. If you love summer cookouts, this is the perfect device on which to flex your grilling muscles, whether you’re a beginner or a pro who is as seasoned as your steaks.

With this large Kamado grill, you can easily host a large barbecue party and cook up to 28 burgers at once.


What Can I Cook on My New Member’s Mark Gas & Kamado Combo Grill?

Pretty much anything you’d like. The primary grill can be used solely for anything you would typically use a grill for, such as burgers and hot dogs. The Kamado ceramic grill is ideal for whole chickens, thicker slabs of beef and corn cobs. Use the rotisserie for kabob skewers, whole chickens and chicken pieces, such as drums and wings. For juicy and tender steakhouse-inspired cuisine, such as tender slabs of steak and juicy pork chops, rely on the searing side burner.

This Member’s Mark grill offers plenty of shelving space to hold your gourmet sauces and grilling tools and comes with a nylon cover to keep it protected while stored outdoors.

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