LIFX A19 E26 Edison Screw HEV LED Light Bulb


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Whether close to a surface for a deeper germicidal effect, or in an overhead light as a supportive cleaning process, the optional HEV light setting (not UV) is safe for us and pets, but not for bacteria. A world-class LIFX bulb – pronounced Life X – that does everything you’d expect from a premium smart light; colors, schedules, automation, and more. But this one also helps you clean your place.

Product Features:

  • With HEV mode: additional high energy visible LEDs will harm bacteria but not your skin or pets, like UV can
  • 1100 lumens: ultra-bright but also dimmable via voice or app
  • Full color: 550 billion possible color steps. RGBW LEDs for richer colors and huge 1500-9000K white range
  • Control from anywhere. No bridge or hub is required. (use 2.4GHz)
  • Voice compatible (Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, Hey Google) and simple to set up; screw-in, open your preferred app, and follow the prompts
  • Includes one LED bulb

(Model LHLA19E26UVUS)

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