Lifesmart Zero Gravity 2D Full Body Massage Chair

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Enjoy multi-functional therapeutic massage in the comfort and privacy of your home with the Lifesmart Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This massage chair features an iTrack system for massage from neck down to the lumbar area, combining total relaxation with the right touch of pressure to deliver an optimum whole body massage, aiding in relieving back stress and improving your body’s circulation. Back massage rollers combine shiatsu and kneading style massage to help relieve back stress and improve circulation. Massage balls rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise to ease tight muscle tension. Each foot sole provides a relaxing foot massage. Heating element provides soothing relief to the lumbar area. Personalize your massage therapy from your neck all the way down to your legs using six auto pre-programmed 15-minute massage modes or select a more custom massage with the manual massage modes.

Product Features:

  • Single button zero gravity design
  • Extendable footrest up to 6″
  • Manual massage modes: back combination shiatsu/kneading; neck combination shiatsu/kneading; rhythmic air compression for back, neck, shoulders, arms, or legs
  • A total of 32 airbags offer a whole body massage featuring four shoulder, four arm, two hip, and a total of 22 calf and feet airbags
  • 15-minute incremental timer
  • Corded digital LCD remote for convenient access to all massage modes
  • Minor assembly required
  • Assembled Dimensions: 24.9″ x 40.9″ x 32.2″ (123.5 lbs.)
  • Warranty: One year limited parts
  • Includes massage chair
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  1. Debbie

    This chair is not made for tall people. the neck rollers are below the shoulders. have to slouch in order to feel the neck rollers.


  2. Mel

    This is ok if all you’re looking for is it to knead your back in a circular motion, the entire time. There is no option to stretch, have it roll up the spine or any other techniques. The air compression is good. The foot massager is meh, may tickle others with sensitive feet. After 5 minutes of it just kneading in a circular motion on my back, it got annoying and I was looking for it to move on to another technique. The preset massages all do the same thing – circular kneading and air compression, just at different pressure. I’m returning and will pay $100 more elsewhere for additional options.


  3. Sam

    I love this chair so relaxing


  4. Mikayla

    The chair itself is great. I recently bought it for my dad to help him from being so sore from work and it’s really helped him for only having it for a few days. It is however a little too small for him. It works best for people under 6 feet tall.


  5. shahzad

    nice massage chair with this price


  6. May

    I like it! I do it every night before I go to the bed! I recommend to my friend to buy it.


  7. Coach K

    This is a 2d massage chair. Basically the rollers all stay the same height and go in circles. It massages your back and the bottom of your feet with the rollers. Then it also has airbags that fill up and release, the airbags massage your forearms, calves, bottom and some weirdly placed bags on the front of your shoulders. The remote isn’t really clear and it’s sorta quirky, every time that I changed programs or entered a new manual setting it lowered back down. The chair itself is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is fairly light and has wheels and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Not recommend for tall people, I’m 5’9″ and had to slump a little for it to hit the right spots. I’m not sure if I would buy it again, it’s probably better to spend a little more and get a 3d or 4d massage chair.

    Coach K

  8. Frank

    This chair is best for people at 5’5″ to 6′. Because the rollers are not an L track, they can’t be move to a comfortable positions for tall or short people. The arm and leg compression massagers are also not great, seems too much pressure even at low setting. Heating is not on the roller but it’s from the pad.


  9. Cynthia

    Bought this for the mother in law and absolutely loved it. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone tall or broad, since I don’t think you would find it comfortable. Wouldn’t be able to use the arm massager adequately in my opinion, your body won’t fit properly in the chair.


  10. Alex

    First time buying a massage chair and I think is great.
    Wife did not like the idea of another chair on the master bedroom. but now even she take turns on the massage chair
    Great addition


  11. Chris

    Great massage chair! Was pleasantly surprised about the built in Bluetooth speakers. My husband uses this everyday! Works great and is so relaxing. Definitely recommend.


  12. Sandy

    This is my second massage chair. The options were even better than the first one. The delivery company was the best I have ever dealt with. Polite, clean, great communication and when finished went over all the options how to use and cautions about moving it. Wonderful experience all around.


  13. Surgery Man

    I work in surgery and stand about 10 hors a day. After coming home i sit in my chair and let t do its work. The air bags on my calfs and forearms are great..!! The foot rollers go only in on spot. The back and neck massage are too hard and does not roll up and down, just circular. Not bag for the price.

    Surgery Man

  14. Evolution

    My family and I really love this massaging chair. This chair really work I suffer from back pain and I use it everyday to relieve my back pain. The bluetooth work very good. It give you a nice and comfortable foot massage, it is very relaxing.


  15. Djebonee

    I use it for weekly massages


  16. Bobby

    This chair is great for napping and relaxing, especially after exercising. I always seem to fall asleep in it. I wanted the chair in my bedroom. We had to take the bedroom door off the hinges to get the chair to fit in the doorway. But other that, the chair has been great for me and my joint/back pains due to my lupus condition. #sweepstakes


  17. Keri

    Great chair. Love Bluetooth feature. Back massager is a little too rough though.


  18. Sue

    This unit replaced a higher end Panasonic massage lounge that stopped working. It is probably better suited for people taller than 5’5@ since the Shiatsu balls lack appropriate height adjustment.


  19. E-Class

    This chair is great, meets all my massage needs and at the price! Can’t be beat!


  20. Mason

    Gives a great massage after my long hikes