Google Nest Thermostat with Bonus Trim Kit


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Save energy. The affordable smart thermostat helps you save energy throughout the day. Access from anywhere. Control from anywhere with the Google Home app valuable alerts and reminders. Get notified about issues with your heating and cooling system for timely maintenance. Easy install. Diy install and easy to program with a guided setup. Schedule your heating and cooling so it only works when it needs to.

Product Features:

  • Nest thermostat with bonus trim kit
  • Control from anywhere with your phone
  • Heating and cooling system alerts
  • Easy schedule set up
  • Designed to install yourself
  • Save energy
  • Voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa
  • Mirrored display
  • Modern design
  • Savings finder suggests more ways to save energy
  • The nest thermostat turns down the heating and cooling system when there’s no one home. See and adjust the temperature from anywhere using the Google Home app
  • The Google Home app guides you through setting up a heating and cooling schedule
  • Control with your voice using a Nest speaker or display
  • All your data is encrypted for privacy. Use two-step verification to further improve your account security. DIY install usually in 30 minutes or less
  • Easily manage your settings by swiping the touch bar on the right
  • Includes thermostat, trim kit, instructions