Google Nest Learning Thermostat (Black) – Works With the Google Assistant


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Control both heating and cooling in your home with the black Nest 3rd generation programmable thermostat. Energy efficient and easy to use, the Nest thermostat received the ENERGY STAR rating for efficiency. On average, this handy device saves consumers 10 to 12 percent on heating bills, with a whopping 15 percent on cooling bills. Easy to install right in the spot where your old thermostat used to be, or any other place in the house you’d like to display the temperature, one of the unique features of the Nest 3rd Generation thermostat is its capability to be controlled from anywhere. Simply download the Nest app to your tablet or smartphone to check and adjust your home’s temperature settings at any time. Whether you’ve left for vacation and forgot to turn the heat down, or you want to turn on your cooling system before you get home, all of this can be handled remotely. Also, the app provides reports on your energy usage and you’ll be notified instantly if your house is unusually too hot or too cold. The Nest 3rd generation’s clean black design features a stainless steel color and its bright display is seen from across the room, as it lights up when it sees you approaching. Easy to read and accessible to everyone, even the visually impaired, the large, bright font lets you know exactly what temperature it is. Use this thermostats auto scheduling settings to set different temperatures for day and night.
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