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DEEBOT OZMO 610 is the key to tackling your household messes. Using an intelligent new mopping system, DEEBOT OZMO 610 deeply and thoroughly cleans your floor. With its Smart Cleaning Path and interchangeable suction inlet, this remarkable robot always ensures an effective clean. Let DEEBOT OZMO 610 give you a spotless home.


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Product Key Features

Smart Home Ready

  • Today‚Äôs smart homes are getting even smarter with the introduction of voice enabled technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Not surprisingly, your DEEBOT OZMO 610 can start, stop, and / or charge just by asking Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just make sure to ask politely. Everyone likes nice manners. Also your DEEBOT has voice reporting that announces real-time updates.
  • Customize Your Cleaning

    Sometimes your DEEBOT has to suck in different ways. In other words, different problems require a different approach. But that is not a problem for your DEEBOT OZMO 610, which has interchangeable suction to master carpets and hard floors easily. It has cleaning patterns that range from EDGE, to get those problem spots near your walls to SPOT, which will concentrate on one part of your floor. So sorry, dirt, dust, and hair…we got your number.
  • OZMO Mopping System

    OK, so what exactly is this OZMO you keep hearing about? OZMO is what lets your DEEBOT be more than just a robotic vacuum that mops. OZMO is ECOVACS’ snazzy new technology that makes sure your hardwood floors get the most love they can, with our specialized water pumps, sensors and mopping pad. So you can get your floors clean…or you can get them OZMO clean.

What’s in the box?

  • DEEBOT OZMO 610 “Gift Box” Contents

  • DEEBOT OZMO 610 Mopping Cloth Accessory (Part no: D-CC3B)

  • DEEBOT OZMO 610 Buddy Kit (Part no: DD4G-KTA)

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