Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Smart Bidet Toilet Seat – Round

Bio Bidet


The Serenity A8 caters to all of your senses in new ways. User controls include the ability to change virtually everything from the softness of the spray, the chime of the controls, and the glow of the night light




Glowing Night Light.

The soft, illuminated night light of the A8 will highlight your path to the restroom. The warm, inviting glow from the toilet seat allows you the chance to rest easy without suffering from bright lights in the middle of the night. If darkness is preferred, the night light is effortlessly turned off with the touch of a button.

Cleaning up messes

In more than one way.

Some things should not be seen and nobody wants to see unsightly cords anywhere especially in your bathroom where serene cleanliness is most appreciated. The Serenity A8 comes fitted with both a slim power cord as well as an extra slim water supply hose.Along with the hideaway clips on the A8, the power cord and water supply hose can be installed and neatly tucked behind the toilet eliminating any unsightly looping cords.

Array of LUXURY features

The A8 has you crossing the finish line in the driver’s seat. A truly personal experience is the goal of the new A8 design. Sound, sight, and temperature controls are now available, like never before.

Electicity Required

The A8 Serenity is an electric smart toilet seat and requires a nearby GFCI outlet. Per quality standard UL requirement, A8 comes with 4′ power cord.

2 Different Sizes

The A8 Serenity is available in Round and Elongated. Please measure your toilet from the center of the mounting hole to the tip of the toilet seat to confirm your toilet size before purchasing. (see images for more info)

2 Different Toilet Types

A8 is designed to fit all 2pc standard toilets (A) and some 1pc toilets. A8 will not fit to the 1pc toilet with French curve (B).
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